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Our company has established since 2015 and we are specialized in sublimation printing. Our factory area covers 662 square meters and has more than 100 employees We can print 75,000 pieces / 35,000 meters of sublimation per day in our machine park! Eslem Digital can print on all polyester and polyester blended fabrics. In 2020 Eslem Digital started to produce printed medical masks which brand name is called NNN-3 Our Main Products, 3 Ply Mask Printed 3 Ply Mask for corporate firms Disposable Apron Disposable Coverall Sublimation Printing Neon Sublimation Printing Transfer Printing Printed Pillow
High Quality We take pride in our craftsmanship as well as being one of the PPAI Adopters of Code Conduct Compliance and Product Safety. High Volume With a production capacity of 10.000 notebooks / day we are capable of producing for the needs of global brands as well as small businesses. MOQ is 100 pcs. High Speed Our production timeframe is 2 weeks up to 2.000 pieces after your artwork is approved. Our Mission Shifting cheap swag to premium quality company gifting still at competitive prices. Our History We have been in business since 1983 and are among the 5 biggest manufacturers in Turkey. Currently, we are exporting to more than 20 countiries. Our US Office is in NJ. Our People We are a smart, innovative team with great attention to detail. Dedicated to realize even the most creative, unusual designs you come up with.
Our goal was to be the most preferred company offering bright ideas to our clients. To do this, we follow out the most useful way for our original innovative ideas in our dreams, determining the quality Standard to set an example in our sector. And we have been successful since our foundation in 1999. To provide best solutions to you, our mission is to have high level quality, understanding, unique -fast and on time service. We are happy to be at the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our products in which there are the visible elements of a brand , identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind. “We Produce More Than Label” With this view, we are ready to be your indissoluble partner. At REEL Ofset Company along with an experienced staff we also use the latest equipment and technology to provide our customers with the highest quality and the most cost effective products available. This allows us to provide fast turn-around times on even the largest projects. We take great pride in our quality products and dependable service. We offer a variety of delivery options to fit your requirements
Colorkim Kimya is a young and dynamic chemical company which has been established in Istanbul, Turkey with the aim of changing traditional processing of textile materials by supplying different polymers, innovative textile specialty chemicals, analytical testing tools and application processes. We believe that combination of our experience and know-how with the power of manufacturing and R&D facilities, Colorkim will be a real solution provider to all processing mils. We are determined to continue to develop advanced and innovative applications of eco-friendly textile chemicals for dyeing, printing and finishing mills. As well as to expand our product range and to be a specialty supplier for a wide variety of industries across the world. Thanks to company dynamism, in a short time of period Colorkim has been established its product range and distribution network in different countries around the world. It became a preferable partner and solution provider.
OLCAY Etiket started its commercial life in Topkapi Matbaacilar Site in 1986 with offset production. In 2005, the company moved to 2000m² factory in Bayrampasa, and self-adhesive roll label production line came into operation with the investments made. Making a difference with the services it provides in the sector the company rapidly expanded its customer portfolio and moved to its factory building at 4500m² Kirac Esenyurt in 2014. In 2015, following the developments in the sector closely, investments were made for sleeve label production and the production line was expanded with sleeve labels. OLCAY OLCAY Etiket Tabaka Ofset, which serves with an experienced team of approximately 60 people, is a leader company in the sector that gathers all these services under one roof with the production of Self Adhesive roll labels and Sleeve labels. Since its establishment, Olcay Etiket has always acted with the principle of en best service and best quality with its customer-oriented structure. With the investments made in the last two years, the company renewed its entire production line and updated its technology with the latest technology.
Our company, which has been serving in the printing sector for years, has many product groups and the indispensable products of the printing sector, such as Business Cards, Catalogs, Invoices, Boxes, etc. We serve in all products. You can contact us for your most suitable, best quality printing works.
As Uzunlar printing house packaging company, we are a reliable and well-established company that continues to do our job in the best way for 50 years. We are ready to give our customers the best quality product with the best price in packaging and printing. Our organization, which was established in 1973 and providing printing services continuously until today, has been serving in its own building consisting of 4 floors in total, established on an area of ​​1000 m² in Mas-Sit Matbaacilar Sitesi since 1995. ‘Uzunlar offers a wide range of services in Printing and Promotion, covering both prepress and postpress services."
Alfa Printing and Packaging was established in 1998 by the partnering of the two experienced and well-educated professional; Ali Ozturk and Fatih Harbutluoglu. The company soon became one ofmost recognized and well respected in the sector in Turkey by providing new and variable packaging solutions. Presently, the company which is located in Istanbul/Turkey has 130 qualified employees and 10.000 m2 (square meter) production area to provide the best quality and service level. According to the 2019 data, its production capacity is capable to processes 900 tons raw material and 8 million sheet per month. It means half billion pcs product per year. Thanks to its high quality offset machines Roland 900 and Roland 700, Alfa provide its customers a high finish quality for their products even in big size, multi-color and high volume projects. Moreover the company use metalized UV pressing techniques which is only a few firm has in the sector. Alfa Printing and Packaging that expand the area of its activities day by day, is also assertive at exportation.Export sales represent 20% of the overall sales. Main countries of export are UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Mexico, UAE, Qatar, Bahrein Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, and Turkmenistan. The aim is cleary to increase export rates with new market entries and current market extensions. “ Alfa Printing and Packaging is not only a package producer but also a good solution partner for its customers so it is deeply rooted in the developing future of Turkey.”
DAC Trade was established in 2019 at Ankara. We provide services to our valued customers in import-export consultancy, management consultancy and government incentives. Defense Industry, Construction, Furniture, Food. Also we provide consultancy services in sectors such as marketing survey and in the search for services. DAC Trade provides the maximum support for marketing your products to different locations of the world by carrying out your export transactions without any problems thanks to the established institutions that are in contact with abroad.
Keypack is a family run business established in 2014 by the current Managing Director. Since then it has built up a sound reputation for quality and reliability, specialises in designing, sourcing and delivering packaging. Our packaging expertise covers all sectors, including fashion, cosmetics and beauty, watches and jewellery, specialist retail, and charity as well as on-line retail. We source our products from across the Turkey mainly in Istanbul. All our factories are the leading companies on their subjects. At Keypack we will endeavour to meet all your Packaging needs!
Having stepped into the communication applications sector with printing 30 years ago, Promat is improving and renewing itself in order to meet the companies’ changing needs in today’s technologically developed world. In this renewal process, Promat, which added services such as cardboard packaging manufacturing, 7 Renk digital printing, notebook manufacturing with Erato and Promat Printing Museum, which offers an insight into history, to its existing printing services, creates a broad operating field for itself. Promat is experiencing the pride of offering the most extensive and creative services while realizing the desired designs in communication platforms that suitable for the client’s needs.
As we transform the brilliant ideas of our designers into the products that are going to fulfill the needs best, our primary target is our customers’ satisfaction. Our purpose is to provide outstanding products, with the best prices and at the right time by continuously improving our manufacturing process and to present fully thought of solutions with a team effort that is embraced by our whole crew. Beyaz Ari has a notion of work that is built on quality, rapidity, trust and technology and uses the strongest technological equipment for prepress and postpress processes to deliver the highest quality product, right on time. Thanks to our reliable machine park and service that is focused on customer satisfaction, we’re adding on new success stories every day, while growing and developing with innovations.
Since 2009, Matsis Print has established itself as a leader in the Turkish print industry. From our fully integrated 60,000 sq ft. production facility located in the heart of Istanbul, we provide comprehensive and innovative printing solutions. We pride ourselves on creating long lasting client relationships and always ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly qualified workforce and capital investments in state of the art machinary and software allow us to produce high quality products at great value.